Q. What is the March for Science?

A. On April 22, thousands of people will be marching on the Minnesota State Capitol, sharing stories of how science affects all members of society, and listening to policy makers who support the integrity of knowledge and importance of scientific thinking.

The March for Science champions publicly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. We unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good, and for political leaders and policymakers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest.


Q. Shouldn't scientists remain out of politics?

A. Science, by nature, should be independent of politics. In recent years, however, science has been increasingly subjected to partisan divisions as seen through denial of evidence-based research and information in policy making. It hurts all people when politicians seek to divide our society by politicizing science, through gag-orders, suppression of climate information, and widespread deregulation of our protection agencies. This march is not to promote scientists into politics, but to rise up and defend science from political maneuvering. We cannot afford to remain silent as our public health and environment are put into jeopardy.

This is why we invite everyone, scientists and non-scientists alike, who is concerned about this issue to march with us to show public solidarity for promoting evidence-based policy making from both sides of the aisle. Policy change only takes place when people speak up.


Q. Who does this march represent?

A. Everyone. Science is a universal concept and we need to show that to the world. We are committed to showing that just as people of all races, religions, nationalities, gender, and sexuality support science, we support them.

We have seen how recent policy changes disproportionately affect some of our peers, but the March for Science Minnesota will always stand in solidarity with them and do what we can to protect them.


Q. Who can come?

A. Anyone who supports science. Seriously! All ages welcome.

Whether you are a scientist, scientific enthusiast, or are simply concerned about the future of science, you are all invited to stand with us to defend scientific integrity. We hope this march mirrors the wonderful diversity of our great state. Families, organizations, and individuals who all see the importance of science should feel emboldened to join in the march.


Q. What does this march hope to accomplish?

A. The march is simply the beginning of what we expect to be an influential movement. We expect thousands of Minnesotans to stand on our state capitol grounds to tell our legislators, loud and clear, that science is important to our everyday lives and our futures. The energy from the passion we put forth on April 22, 2017 is expected to grow into greater awareness and participation in civic engagement to ensure science is accessible and understandable to all of the citizens of our country. More organized activities will follow the march to keep the enthusiasm front and center before our policy makers.


Q. Who else is involved with the organization?

A. The March for Science Minnesota is proud to partner with and be endorsed by a large number of local unions, organizations, and businesses. See our list of Partnerships and Endorsements here.


Q. What can you do?

A. The March for Science Minnesota is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers! You can fill out a volunteer form here. Don’t have time? Donations are great way to help us cover the costs associated with planning and logistics. March for Science Minnesota will be taking donations shortly and anything bought through the store generates revenue for the march.