March for Science - MN

March for Science Minnesota

Earth Day — April 22, 2017


Mission Statement

The March for Science is a diverse, nonpartisan group that defends and celebrates publicly funded and publicly accessible science as a foundation of American freedom and prosperity. Science guides nearly every aspect of our lives and it is critical that political leaders and policymakers support scientific research and incorporate science into their decision making.

Photo by Trista McGovern



On April 22, 2017, a coalition of Minnesotans from all professions and all walks of life, various non-profits, labor unions, and religious groups marched on the state capitol to show support of higher education and the discovery, access, and understanding of scientific information. We are working to protect and defend science funding, regulatory agencies, and evidence based policy-making in recognition that science plays a vital role in the progress and sustainability of society.

  1. Policy decisions should be based on evidence and scientific consensus.
  2. No censorship of scientific data. Science paid for by the public needs to be available to the public.
  3. Dedicated, generous public funding for scientific research to further the aims of a healthy and educated public



“Freedom is the oxygen without which science cannot breathe.”

David Sarnoff  |  Businessman

Photo by Trista McGovern